Wednesday, October 07, 2009

still sick

Jessica went back to school today. I'm still sick. I went down stairs and saw the pile of laundry starting to form. I had to do the dishes. I also need to shop because we are running out of food. When Nicole and Jessica got this cold they could sleep all day. I don't even get to go to bed early because Juergen has meetings every night this week. My bad timing! Juergen started to sneeze. If he gets sick, I'll have to take care of the kids alone so he can sleep. You can ask any mom in the world if they think life is fair. My mom use to say "whoever said life is fair"...I'll I can say is "true...true"!!! I guess I had better make a stop at the drug store when I shop. I need some cold medicine to help me get through the day. Let me remind myself…I wanted these kids…I begged for these kids!!! I love my life…yes I do!!! Yes I do!

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