Saturday, October 03, 2009

looking for my garden

Juergen was a sweetheart and took me to look at 2 different gardens today. One was on a hill. It is way over grown, and impossible to get to. The perfect place to grow drugs, if you were into that kind of thing! Know one can reach it. I had a very hard time getting there, let alone trying to haul in equipment to renovate the wild place! It did have a great view! The other garden was too small, but in the very best shape. Now if I could find something larger and close to home! I guess I will keep looking. It was great to go out looking with Juergen. He doesn't feel as passionate about gardens as I do, but he still backs me up. He is the best sort of man for me!


mimifrancoise said...

Amy, keep looking I bet you will find just the right garden, at the right time. By the way, I went to a seminar recently and they were discussing somthing that helps children with ADD or ADHD. You might want to look at their website. I do not work for them and will not gain anything if you buy CD's from them. The website is I bought a CD for insomnia. I am not sure if it works or not but I enjoy the music.
Fran in Fort Worth.

Shelley said...

I thought you rented one and just needed to find it.
There is always window boxes.