Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why use a Polytunnel? - V47

We are planning a party for the International students in September. We want to use the party tent for that. I'm interested in setting it up in the area I have set aside for the green house. Then maybe we can put a good greenhouse plastic over the tent...making in effect a high tunnel greenhouse. My tent is 5 meters by 8 meters. It's giant. It has a super strong metal frame. If we set it up in the summer, we could add a rocket stove to the flooring. Then after the big party, we could move all my high raised beds and tomatoes into the high tunnel. I could have tomatoes until Christmas, and salad all year around! So it could be the best of both worlds. I know that it’s summer, but we will get winter again. I feel like I need to plan for the cold. And if I had a green house now, my tomatoes would be doing even better right now! I had an awful dream last night. I was in East LA during the riots after the Rodney King trail. Large areas of LA were burnt down, and there was allot of violence. People were dragged from there cars and beaten. I was actually in East LA when this happened(this was almost 20 years ago). I had been at a game show called "The price is right". We heard about the trial when we got out of the show. My friend and I drove through a fast food place, then drove back to San Diego. We found out LA was on fire after we had arrived in San Diego. We had escaped the fire by about one hour. In my dream last night I was at the game show. But instead of winning cars and boats they were giving away food. And I won an egg. That was considered a great prize. The dream shook me up. Today I went shopping with Jessica. We bought dried beans and peas. You can store beans and peas for years and years. I'm also hoping Juergen will let me raise chickens for eggs.

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