Friday, June 01, 2012

Imperia Italy

Today is Juergen’s 53rd birthday. We had a nice breakfast together. Afterwards we worked on some school work. Then Juergen took a nap and the kids watched TV. Nicole & I took a walk in Imperia. It’s a small but charming place. It was a little hard to park the car, but we figured it out. Then we walked slowly up the hill towards the big church. We shopped for fruit, vegetables and meat along the way. The vegetables are beautiful. They had these sweet flat peaches, and purple asparagus’, the flowers of the zucchini and small artichokes. It’s like art! I bought an heirloom tomatoe just for the seeds. It’s a locally grown Oxon heart tomatoe. This is actually a pretty common variety of tomatoe. But the women called it the heart of the bull. I like the Italian name better. This afternoon Juergen plans to take the kids to the beach. I’ll probably begin to pack. We leave for Tuscany in the morning, God willing. Italy is an inspiration of color and taste. I really do love it here.

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