Saturday, June 30, 2012

shopping with Jess

Today I set out with a shopping list. I need to buy food for a baby shower, and cake mix for a bake sale. I also need some quick cement for a craft project Nicole is working on. Juergen was suppose to do some work in Leimen but the heater guy didn't leave him the key. And we gave the renter the other key. He could not get in to do the work. That's frustrating. I'm not sure when he will have time to finish the job now? That really sinks! Anyway, I stopped by the secondhand store in Heidelberg. I bought about 12 videos for Jessica. She was over joyed! After that she wouldn't let me do my shopping. Frustrating. So I'm home folding laundry. I'll leave Jessica with Juergen while I get my shopping done. At least one of us will accomplish something today. I hope the renter is understanding. We wanted to have everything in order for them. Tomorrow is July 1st. Oh man!!! That is just how it goes. I spoke too soon. The heater guy just called. He will bring Juergen the key. I'll have to get my shopping done later. But thank God the work will get done.

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