Saturday, June 02, 2012

Cinque Terre

Today we packed up and moved houses. On the way I convinced Juergen to stop at Cinque Terre. It was a detour that cost us about 2 ½ hours. Jessica got out of the car but didn’t want to walk far. Juergen ended up turning around with her. Sad! We were almost at the shore when they turned around. We could have had lunch at a really nice fish restaurant on the sea. Instead we ended up having burgers at the big M. So sad! I guess I was just asking too much of Jess. The hill was too much for her. But I got to see part of the town. It’s actually 5 different villages. We just got the quick tour of one village. It was beautiful, but very difficult to walk the steep way. I can not imagine living my whole life on those steep hills, growing grapes. Juergen didn’t see it, and the kids didn’t care much. They were anxious to get to the new house. But I may never pass this way again. And maybe if I do, I will not have the strength to walk the hills. I’m glad we took the time. Our new house is amazing. I will need time to look around, then I will share about this place. The kids are out playing soccer. They have also gone swimming. It is a grand apartment in a very large old villa. It is very different then the old mill we lived in last week. I’m pretty sure the kids are going to love this place. The internet doesn’t work very well. We have to figure that out. I guess the walls of the villa are too thick to get a signal. Maybe it will work outside? Today I’m still using the internet stick we bought. The signal is weak and the connection slow...

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