Saturday, June 23, 2012

The stressful way

It's a beautiful day. I just spent a hour in my garden watering plants. it's suppose to rain this week. But we are enjoying a sunny weekend. My newly transplanted flowers are under stress without water. They have not established roots yet. We worked in Leimen today. Thomas and Nicole pulled wallpaper from one room. The renter wants to repaper the room themselves. A heater guy came by. He will be putting a new heater in the house. This should make the heat more efficient for the renter. We can at least write the cost off our taxes. And we hope Juergen will be spared the phone calls from a cold and angry renter because the heater isn't working. We will also be ordering a new front door. Something that helps keep the heat in the house. Juergen, Philip , Sarah and I worked on the garden. We pulled weeds and swept. The renter begins renovating this week. They will move in in July. And by the grace of God we will finally have this mater settled. It stood empty 11 months. That's allot of work, and a very large loss of money! But that's water under the bridge. I'm anxious to move forward. I brought Jessica home from Leimen. As we drove home on a very busy road this extremely impatient man in a BMW was tailgating cars. He passed the cars in front of me 2 times. Once he almost got into a head on collision. You could just see how pressured he was to go fast, but he couldn't. The road was so full. He just couldn't go fast. And after 10 km he was only one car ahead of me ...after all his passing, risk taking and tailgating. His stressed out driving gave him no distance, no advantage. And a life style of that kind of pushiness will probably bring him a heart attack if he doesn't die in a traffic accident first. I kept thinking, the road is full. Accept it and enjoy the ride. And I thought maybe the Holy Spirit was speaking to me. Not about my driving style, but my life. My life is very full. I can stress out trying to get someplace, or I can try to just accept it and enjoy the trip. I came home and cleaned my house, and then worked in the yard. I have allot of work, but it is so much easier when I do it with joy. And being in the beautiful sunshine was so much joy to me. I thank God the added work of Leimen, and the $ stress is nearly behind us. For all our trying to push this situation forward, it had to run it's course. And I guess that's a lesson I needed to learn.

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