Friday, June 22, 2012


I bought a chicken house on eBay. It's really a super size rabbit cage. It came in the mail. A few of the pieces were broken. It’s made of really bad martial and it's junk. Nicole is trying to put it together. The wood is already warped from being wet. You would think a chicken house could handle rain. I should send it back, but it would be impossible to fit into the boxes again. We emailed the seller. Maybe I can get some of my money back? We will paint it to water proof it. We will also add better wood and metal to make it stronger. Juergen hasn't said yes to chickens yet. I just thought "if we build it, they will come". I'm glad Juergen isn't building this. He would be so mad! PS. Shelley, I told Juergen I bought the house. He seemed OK with that, as long as I don't just buy chicken's without his say. I have been told it's best to buy chicken's in spring. Maybe we will just set the coop up and get chickens in the spring next year. I think it will be very good for Jessica to care for chickens. She can feed them and collect the eggs. She needs a "job". And we love the eggs. The poop is also good for the garden. But I'm also going to have to wait for Juergen's final yes.

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Eric & Shelley said...

Your a brave soul. My husband would really be upset if I bought a chicken coop. He doesn't want chickens and I do. So we have an agreement if one of us disagrees, then we won't do it. Because we found when we don't agree one of us won't be happy.