Sunday, June 24, 2012

garden update

I thought I would share an update on my garden. We picked our first gladiolas today. I’ll have allot of flowers in about 1 week. And I ate my first artichoke today. I have to say it was the very best artichoke I have ever had. I guess it’s because it was fresh…not days or weeks old. It traveled from my garden straight to the kitchen. I saved the water I cooked the artichoke in. They call this artichoke tea. It’s suppose to be very good for your liver. You keep it in a jar in your refrigerator. You can drink a cup per day. It is only good for a week. It is suppose to help lower cholesterol if that’s an issue for you. And the artichoke was so sweet I didn’t need to add anything to it. No butter or lemon. It was awesome! I don’t know if I want to share my artichokes. I have about 10 growing on my plants. I could easily eat these myself. The good news is they are only about 50 cal each if you don’t add butter! But I’ve also read a good plant can produce 30 artichokes per year. So maybe I’ll share a few. The peas are growing. I’ve got lots of green tomatoes. I am also getting lots of cucumbers. Those few days of sunshine helped us allot. Now we are getting rain. That’s good too.