Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A day in Florence with my wonderful daughter

Nicole and I took off early today for Florence. It was a full day and my feet feel like they would fall off. We saw many cool things today. The time with my daughter was wonderful. Florence it’s self was I thought over rated. It’s crowded and dirty. The Uffizi is of course the most important Renaissance museum in the world. We were not allowed to take pictures there. I’m not a great fan of Renaissance art. I find it a bit dark and depressing. They also had no places where you could just sit down and look at the art. We did have a sandwich in the museum cafe. It had a great view. My personal favorite work was a drawing by Bellini. I found it beautiful and full of emotion. We ate ice cream in the city. Florence ice cream is reported to be the best in the world and I must agree it’s good. Then we went to the modern art museum. They had works by American artists (both impressionists and modern artists). Nicole and I both liked this museum better. Americas just paint in a more optimistic and humane way. They paint the soft light not the dark shadow. The modern artists where fun, and must have put a great deal of work into their craft. The costumes by Nick Cave for example must have had over 10,000 buttons sewn on to them. They use amazing imagination and craftsmanship in their work. I loved it! Finally we made our way across the town to see the garden of the Villa Medici di Castello. And it was wonderful! The only disappointment was the grotto was closed for renovation. It is one of the best examples of a Renaissance garden. It was awesome…really awesome! The kids were very happy when we returned. They had spent the whole day in the pool. We ate pizza for dinner. Now Nicole and Juergen are playing guitare. Thank god for these good days!

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