Wednesday, June 27, 2012

colored carrots and water iris

I picked the last few colored carrots from our garden. The garden soil is pretty hard. It needs a few more years of love and attention. The carrots could not grow straight down into this hard clay soil. I’ll use these fun carrots to make a vegetable pickle. I’ll probable just get one jar out of them. But it will be a special something for my Christmas salad. The water Iris is picking a very good time to bloom. Nicole has to show this water feature at school next week. I’m not sure how we will move it to the University, but we will. The 3 fish in the pond are doing very well. They will also be part of the art show! I also got a new load of mulch delivered today. Philip and Thomas helped me out by carrying mulch in wheelbarrows to the front yard. I paid them 5 euro each. They did a great job. I need more weed blocker cloth to cover a piece of the ground here and there. Once this is done, we will finish spreading mulch and planting the flower bed. It's going to look fabulous! And it's pretty fun to see two 14 year olds with a little extra cash in their pockets. They were off to the store to buy soccer trading cards. Oh the joys of life!

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