Friday, June 08, 2012

The garden has grown

Here are a few photo's of our garden. I bought many small Cactus in Italy for a cactus garden. The larger cactus was something Nicole found in Imperia. I had fallen to the ground. It started to grow roots so she brought it home to plant. We have lots of lettuces’, broccoli, cabbages , onions, potato's and carrots and tomatoes. I'm ready to harvest lettuce for salad. If anyone wants salad come on over. I could use canning jars. I'll trade lettuce for canning jars. I can trade for other stuff too, just let me know. It's heirloom lettuce from England. I'll have tomatoes and cucumbers and zucchini in about a 3 weeks. We will also have cutting flowers around the first part of July. The artichokes are also getting big. And I pulled over 2 wheel barrows of weeds with the help of Sarah. Nicole and I want to make ketchup today. We brought stuff home from Italy to make ketchup. I'm glad to be home! The photo of Juergen is in Italy. We bought him a passion flower for his birthday.