Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY Greenhouse Plastic Installation

I really like the wooden side pieces this guy built on his greenhouse. He attaches the plastic to these side panels. It works very well. I'm not sure I would want the poles he has in the center of his greenhouse. I don't think I'll need that kind of support. We don't get hurricanes here. But I think if we have the wooden door frame I saw in the last video, and this guys side panels made from wood...that would be the way to go. He also uses 2 layers of plastic. They say that helps the greenhouse last 3 times as long. So instead of replacing plastic every 2-3 years, you could have a life of 6-10 years with a double layer of plastic. It also increases the insulation so the greenhouse stays warmer in the winter. I also want to grow a grape vine in the inside of my greenhouse. The vine will shade my plants in the summer, and will drop its leaves in time to allow more light in the winter. Notice how he has the plastic attached to the top part of the wooden side panel. The bottom drapes down. That is so he can vent the greenhouse. The bottom part can be closed in winter, open in the hot summer.

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