Wednesday, November 30, 2011

worth a listen

I had my computer in the livingroom today as I cleaned. I listened to a sermon by
Mark Hitchcock about receiving our reward from God.

It's really worth a listen. Towards the end of the sermon he says we should want whatever God gives us...not try to stick a deal before hand. There was a boy and his father in a small store. The owner wanted to be nice so he opened the candy jar and told the boy he could take a handful of candy. The boy played shy and hide next to his dad. The owner encouraged him to take the candy, and so did the boys father. Finally the owner reached in the jar and grabbed a big handful of candy and gave it to the boy. As they walked out of the store, the boys father said why were you so shy? The boy said, the owner has a much bigger hand.

Too many of us are asking God to give us this and that, not waiting for God to gives what ever he will from his big hand. And I am one of those! So this is a good word for me today, as I learn to wait for God to provide with his big hand.

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