Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A hard day

Today began with a melt down from Sarah. She was so upset about going to school, but would not say why. Finally she told us that there is a 4th grade boy that is really bothering her. He rides her bus, and is harassing her in the breaks. The other kids are also chasing her and calling her Japanese. Juergen had to take her to school because we could not get her to calm down before the bus came. We talk with the teacher next week. Maybe we need to call her earlier? Then I took Jessica to her workshop. I planned to leave her one hour to start. I shopped for the hour. When I returned she was crying. She had scratched everyone in the class. It almost seemed that was it. They looked like this just isn’t going to work. But they said I should bring her again tomorrow for one hour. We will see. It doesn't seem it will work, but we will see. Then I returned to find out Juergen had to pick Philip up from school. He was complaining about his heart hurting, and not being able to breath. So Juergen took him to the Dr. The Dr did an EKG. Then he told him to go to the hospital in Heidelberg for a echo. The heart seems fine, but the beat is a little irregular. And they took blood to check for an infection. They may need to keep him in the hospital. And I have no one who can watch the other kids, so Juergen would need to take the time off work. That's stressful to Juergen. Even taking the time off today is a stress. It seemed like such a normal day when I woke up. You really never know how things will go. But I pray that they can figure out what's really wrong with Philip. We had a heart appointment next week. He has been having problems for awhile now. I pray they really figure what is wrong and deal with it. Pray also for Sarah. This fear of the 4th grade boy, and the other kids at school are robbing her of her joy and freedom. Kids can really be mean. And poor Sarah does not have the language skills to express herself. She just takes it in, and eventually explodes with sadness and fear. As for Jess? We will just see. Juergen and I both are unsure about this group. All the other people in the group are very disabled both physically and mentally. We are afraid Jess will never fit in there. She needs much more movement, and outside activity. She will be bored there. We see no better options yet, but we don’t really think this will work either. If Jessica keeps scratching the other people, then the option is closed to her anyway. We will try it again tomorrow. And I am not going to be too consider if it doesn’t work. I feel sorry for the people Jessica is scratching. But I have to believe if this door closes, another option will present it’s self. In fact, they will not look for other options until we try this first. So we will just try it again tomorrow.

Up date...they didn't find anything. I guess that's good news. We have to take Philip back next week. They will run more tests. Juergen missed the whole day at work. Not fun! But Philip is OK for now. I'm glad for this.

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