Saturday, November 19, 2011

Children Blossom While Learning to Garden

I'm talking with Philip's teacher next week. She will be coming for coffee Tuesday morning. I'm thinking about doing a garden project with his class. I'm not sure how small or large I want to make this, or if they would even be interested in doing something? They may not be interested in this sort of thing? I thought I could offer them a few raised beds to work in. They could start seeds (vegetable and flower seeds). Grow the plants, harvest the crops. Maybe learn about compost? Maybe help us build the greenhouse? I want to use our party tent frame for a greenhouse. I would use straw bales as the side walls. They could help mix the earthen plaster that would cover the walls. They would be like playing with mud. I don't want his whole class here all the time. I only want to do it if the teacher adds it to the class time instruction. But it's very good for kids to work in a garden. Either way, my kids will be working in my garden.

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