Friday, November 25, 2011

black friday

I put a Christmas CD into the stereo and drank my coffee in a room light up with candle light. Last night I bought Thomas' Christmas gifts on line. I really don't get why people would get up at 6am, stand in line and compete for bargains at an over crowded store when there is eBay and Amazon? I'm almost done with my shopping. I'm not planning on over doing the decorations (what goes up eventually has to be taken down). We will eat left over turkey soup with crusty French bread for lunch. This weekend we want to weather proof the windows using plastic wrap made for the purpose. Juergen had a heater guy over to the house in Leimen. We are getting a quote on a new heater. We also plan on having the hardwood in the living room redone. We may also get the entire inside of the house professionally painted. Many people that have looked at the house say it needs this and that, and then try to talk the price down. For example, a new heater cost about 4000€ installed. They will say it cost 10,000€ and ask for 10,000€ off the price. The floor only cost 600€ to have finished, but they say it cost 3,000€ to redo. So after getting the house is top shape, if we still can not sell it, then it will be ready to rent out. We honestly don't know what else to do...just praying for grace and wisdom. We don't want to own 2 houses. But if know one will give us a fair price we have no other choice but renting. I have to believe that God is perfect in all his ways. I love our new house. It is so right for us. It’s wonderful. I’ll have to take pictures. I can get so upset about the house in Leimen not selling. I hate wasting so much money. And every month we are paying mortgage there. 1200€ gone each month for an empty house. But God knows that! And I just know he does not do things half way. He has a plan. I just want to do my part as I wait for him to do his!


Eric & Shelley said...

We are the crazies that go out early in the morning because Lissa loves it. It's been a ritual since she was in high school. We meet new people in line and laugh at each other about how crazy this is.

Rick Moreno said...

My Black Friday was filled up by painting Christmas windows at business around town. Only So far six done and ten more to go.