Saturday, November 26, 2011

advent, advent

This morning Thomas told me that he had volunteered me to make the advent wreath for his class. I'm not sure he realizes that takes a little bit of thought. I'm surprised he didn't tell me Monday morning, 5 minutes before he left for school. At least the stores are opened today. I have the time to pull something together for Monday. I think I’ll put candles in jars. Put the jars on some kind of platter with oranges and dried flowers and nuts and moss. That sounds safer for a classroom.

I also have Philip digging through every space in the house...hunting for gifts. My sister Dianna use to do that. And she was so awful, she would unwrap our gifts and tell us what we were getting. It wasn’t possible to sleep in on Christmas morning because Dianna would unwrap your gifts.

Today Juergen is weatherizing the windows and doors. I’m putting away laundry and I guess I’m making an advent wreath.

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Dianna said...

I Love you too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!