Saturday, November 05, 2011

showing the house to real people

Most of the people that ask about our house in Leimen are realtors. But we got to show it to a very nice family today. They are going to check with the bank and see if they can afford it. Juergen also shows it 2 times tomorrow to real families, not real-estate agents. I'm hoping it sells soon. But I'm encouraged by the new interest. Thank God interest rates have even gone down. That will make it cheaper for a family to buy it. We also got allot of work done on the yard today. Our party is in a week. I’m getting very excited about it. It will be a very good party I hope. Even the weather is suppose to be nice. It’s good to work hard (and we have worked very hard for months and months). And after the hard work, it’s great to celebrate!

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Eric & Shelley said...

Hope your house sells soon and you have a great party.