Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The day so far

It was cold this morning. I had to scrap the ice from my car windows. I drove Jessica to the workshop. When we got there, I had to drag her out of the car crying. I knew it wouldn't work. So I told them when we entered the room. Jessica would not stay, not even for one minute. I have zero idea what is next, but you just know when something is not what you are looking for. I feel fine waiting for a better answer. Why force it? Jessica would only cry and scratch. The teachers and other students would only stress out. So that is a no...a closed door. And we know you need to close doors in order to say yes to what is right.

Nicole got her drivers license today. She was worried she would not pass the test, but she did. So that's cool! She will drive my car for now. We don’t really have the money for a 3rd car. She hasn’t had much practice driving. I’ll probably just let her drive me around for awhile.

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