Friday, November 04, 2011

The tent is up

Juergen and Philip got the tent up. It's awesome! I think we can fit 80 people in there. And I think that's about how many people will be at our party (between 60 and 80 people). The kids and I cleaned the driveway. We pulled weeds, moved potted plants and swept. We also started cleaning out both garages. Maybe we can finish that job this weekend. There are 3 people looking at our house (God willing more) this weekend. We have seen much more interest. I guess people are now pulling money out of stocks and investing in houses. Heidelberg area is a good place to invest. So we are more hopeful we can sell the house soon. It's all grace! Today is the last day of the fall vacation. Monday all the kids go back to school (including Jessica). It will probably take awhile before Jessica can attend school (the workshop) full time. Until then, I have to drive her back and forth. But she is pretty bored at home. Hopefully she is ready for a life outside of the house. I'm ready for my own few hours alone. Here are photo’s of the tent. I have not found my new camera yet. I still have about 20 boxes to unpack. It’s probably in the last box.

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