Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The teacher meeting

I had coffee with Philip's teacher. She is really wonderful & positive. She is going to look into a practical job for Philip. Perhaps working one afternoon (unpaid) with a wood worker. Philip has serious learning issues. He is doing better and better in school...but. He will never make a career from his brains. He needs to find a different way to employment. And I know, he is only 13 years old (14years old in 2 months). But there are certain character qualities that will either qualify him or disqualify him for jobs. Being friendly, hard working, honest, reliable, and teachable...things like that. And if he starts now, he has an advantage in the future. He will be able to get a job if he is a good worker. So we know he may not do well academically, but he can find a way forward. For his sake, we better help him learn other important skills, and invest heavily in what is a sure thing. I did ask about the garden thing. They do gardening with the kids at school. So we will not do a project here with his class. If we do build a straw bale green house, they may come work on it for a day.

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