Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I spent today at the heart clinic with Philip. They ran all the tests, and he is OK. The only thing wrong maybe that he skips breakfast and doesn't drink enough water. But we needed to check. I'm glad it's nothing serious. They did keep us waiting for hours. I really hate that. You have an appointment at 10am, and wait until noon to see the Dr. I really hate that!
But today is the day before Thanksgiving. I always feel so odd living in Germany on Thanksgiving. It's such a big deal in America, and a non deal here. The kids will go to school, and soccer practice. Juergen will go to work. There won't be a parade or football, or visiting friends and family. We always have turkey soup to get some of the taste of the day. But I won't feel stuffed, or pass out from an overdose of carbs. I guess I can pull out the Christmas stuff. I can start to make an advent calendar. I always miss America most on Thanksgiving. If I had the money or vacation time I would jump on a plane. But I don't have the money, and Juergen can not take vacation. So I guess I can just wish you all a great holiday. I wish I was there! Eat some pumpkin pie for me. I love pumpkin pie!


Dianna said...

Happy thanks giving Amy I love you

caring for the garden said...

We wish you could be here too. There is a small turkey in the oven. I made gluten free pumpkin ie, dressing, and apple cake yesterday. Today I will prepare gluten free gravy to drizzle over it all. We are having a nearly stress free Thaanksgiving at home. We miss our family, but this is what we need to do this year. Happy Thanksgiving honey. Enjoy the soup. That is what I will fix tomorrow. Mom and Dad

Rick Moreno said...

Amy, we had 14 over, everything was great, but here's always room for you.