Friday, November 11, 2011

Oh well

The heater stopped working. Our big house is very cold. We just found out that our oil tank needs to be filled. It would not bother us much if we expected it. But the past owner said the tank was full. I guess they either lied or had the oil pumped out. It was their oil. We never got a written statement that the oil went with the house. We just didn't expect this. But we are able to get oil today. The price is even pretty good. So God willing the house will be warm for the party. And as for the past owners? God bless them. I'm sorry they lost their beautiful house. I'm sad for them. They should not have said that the tank was full. I really would have bought the house with or with out the oil. It's going to hurt our budget, but we will be OK. I'm just glad we are able to get oil at such a good price ...and right away.

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