Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas shopping

No, I'm not making a big Thanksgiving dinner today. It's just another weekday in Germany. The kids went to school, Juergen went to work. I am making turkey soup. That's basically all I ever do on Thanksgiving. I hope I can visit America on Thanksgiving one of these years. I would really love to do that!
Today I went Christmas shopping with Jessica. I'm shopping for 5 kids and a husband. It does take some time. And I'm wrapping gifts as I buy them. That saves me the back breaking marathon wrapping session the day before Christmas. I will also be doing some serious online shopping this weekend (God willing). I got a list from everyone, I have ideas. Hopefully I can get this whole matter under control. It really can be a stress. It's best to get as much as you can done early. Then you have a chance to also enjoy your self. I guess I want some garden DVD's for Christmas. I am looking forward to my garden next year. For now, I want to dream of what can be done. If anyone has an idea of what's very good to watch on gardening, let me know. Juergen needs a list.

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