Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving is not a German thing

I always find it odd being in Germany on Thanksgiving Day. While my family is getting ready to gather together for the feast I was at the Doctors with Philip all morning. We are trying to figure out why he has learning problems, and why his hands are so weak, and why he has speech problems. I got a hand full of referrals to specialists. The first was an audiologist. I went to the audiologist to get an appointment. The next appointment is in May 2009! No kidding!!! I took the appointment, but I will look around for something sooner. My feet hurt from walking from one clinic to the next. I basically got nothing done. Now I am making our traditional Thanksgiving turkey soup. I never actually go to the expense and trouble of cooking a whole turkey. Actually, my stove is so small I don't think I could fit a turkey in it! I cook a turkey soup with potatoes and vegetables. We eat bread and salad. I'm going to try to make an apple and pumpkin pie too. Some of the Thanksgiving flavors without the calories and work. Thomas has drums tonight until 7:30pm. We won't have time to actually sit down until then. I have one American friend coming over. It's kind of sad we can not have a traditional Thanksgiving but it's just another busy school day here. Juergen works. I guess you can always just thank God...even without the stuffing and cranberry sauce! I thank God for my family. I’m grateful to God I got to see my parents and brother and sisters this year. I wish I was with them, but I send them a hug!

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