Sunday, November 16, 2008

Name our car

We sat around the breakfast table this morning trying to come up with a name for our new car. It's a big car so we want some kind of fat name. Thomas kept interrupting us talking about helicopters. He is obsessed with helicopters. It gets kind of irritating when all someone wants to talk about is helicopters or another subject like, politics! I'm so glad the election is over!!! Anyway, we thought of Monstro the whale from Pinocchio, Aunt Fannie the robot from the movie Robots, and The Arch as in Noah’s Arch. I like The Arch because our car is a big boat and it's always filled with wild animals. Have any name ideas?


Life in Lewisburg said...

It looks like an airport shuttle. You could call it the Heymanns shuttle.

Heather said...

I think ' the pomegranate, for the color and the the fact that the fruit is filled with many seeds and your car will be filled with many people.
Heather BT