Wednesday, November 05, 2008

my ideas lost

I feel very sad this morning. I'm sure most of the world is happy. I'm proud of my country for being willing to elect a black man as President. This is a very good step towards healing the sins of our past. I just wish that the expansion of abortion was not at the top of his agenda. The pro life movement just got set back 30 years. I accept the will of the people but I can not celebrate. I'm broken hearted. Elections have consequences. This was never about one person above another person. It was always about the court. I’m sure most Americans have no idea what kind of change they just bought. I can hope Obama will rule from the middle, but this has never been his history. John McCain is a very good man. I am so sorry the shadow of Bush was so dark that many simply could not see past that. I will trust that God is in control of this decision. God is good. I’m OK with this thought. God is always good.

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