Friday, November 07, 2008

Storms & Faith and the miraculous

This is a good word for the Church. We get so caught in what should be, we fail to see God is in control...even in storms. I believe God called me to pray for America. I hoped abortion would end. God had another leader perhaps for another purpose. What purpose? We will see. Maybe to get the Church to depend on God and not government? Maybe to heal the souls of the black community? I just don't know. What I know is God does not leave us in storms. Storms prepare us for greatness. Deep valleys are always in proportion to high mountains. We want to raise to high places as The Church. We want to have great Spiritual victories with out fighting great spiritual battles. Our battles have really just begun. That could freak us out, or it could encourage us. If we pass through a valley we can actually grow to be a strong Church. We can not quit just because things don't seem to be fitting into our plans. Let's keep going, and keep fighting for the truth we know. We do not know how this will work out. Good or bad, God is in control! I know my prayers are not ever a waste! As I wrote yesterday you never reap a harvest in the same season you sow the seed. If you sow with tears, you will reap a harvest...just do not give up!

This is by John Paul Jackson.

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