Friday, November 14, 2008

Some times I forget that kids cost $$$$

Yesterday Philip showed me the Lego catalog and a Lego car he wanted for Christmas. I said "no" it cost too much! With 5 kids I can not afford much! Today Juergen took the boys to the Orthodontist. They both need braces. The insurance company does not cover as much of the cost as it use to. Ouch!!! Some times they just remind you they cost something to raise. Like my food bill has more then doubled in the last year. I'm not complaining, just making an observation. The good news is the braces only need to be on maybe two years. I think Nicole had hers for 4 years. Man do they grow up fast!!! And they seem to cost more every year. Nicole needs money for this and that everytime I turn around. Before I know it she will be grown and I'll borrow money from her!

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Life in Lewisburg said...

No your kids won't have money and the reality is that you will still be helping them out.