Saturday, November 08, 2008

Temper tantrums and passion

Sarah had a temper tantrum this morning. Juergen said "no" and she did not like that answer. She gets so fixed on what she wants she can not trust us. We have a bigger picture. We are wiser and want what is best. I think about myself. I sure did not like Obama winning this election. I personally felt like having a temper tantrum. I'm passionate about life, and seeing an end to abortion. I can not say this ( over turning Roe v Wade) was not the perfect will of God. God does have a perfect will, but also a permissive will. That is He allows men to choose for them selves, and will not over ride that choice. Just look at the Nation of Israel. They cried out for a King. God wanted to be their King. Still he allowed them to have what they wanted. This is how I read what just happen in America. They cried out for Obama...they got him (we got him). I do not think God gave me the burden to pray for life for no reason. I believe God loves my passion. But at this point I have a choice. Will I have a temper tantrum, or will I keep praying for life? I have hope that the Freedom of Choice Act is too controversial to pass. Most of the congress voted agents late term abortion (even the Democrats). I think most Americans would be outraged by Congress taking away their parental notification choice. I will pray this FOCA will not even get to Obama to be signed into law!!! I also know that the Judges on the Supreme Court most likely to retire are all liberal. If Obama only appoints one judge, and then loses in 4 years perhaps we can still see a majority of conservative judges in the high court. I will pray for this! I also pray for unity in the body of Christ. We have to all stand up for life or we will not have the power we need to change our culture. And we have to be a loving and compassionate church. We need to live the faith we say we have. That is a faith that does not compromise but also loves!!! God loves my passion but he also wants me to trust him with the big picture! A temper tantrum never gets Sarah anything! I had better just focus on my part and leave the results to God!

BTW: I do not know what Gods perfect will is. Maybe Obama was God's perfect will for America. I am not God. My personal opinion is Obama was Gods permissible will. This is just my flawed and humble opinion. Nothing more!

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