Friday, November 07, 2008

I just want fairness

Where do we go from here? What can I learn? What needs to change? These are questions I ask myself. Poor Juergen, he thought I would relax after this election! I don’t want to sound like a sour loser but I feel like Obama in a way bought this election. He had a very unfair advantage of money. He out spent McCain 10 to one in he battle ground states. He flooded the airwaves with Ads and had many more offices with paid staff. That did make a difference. I do not want our elections being bought. I don’t want everyone from here on needing to raise a billion dollars to win an election. You think the Republicans can not raise money? Of course they can! I think it’s crazy! I want limits on campaign finance required!!! I want all the loop holes closed. I don’t want outside groups adding their two cents. There is no good or pretty end if we allow ourselves to go down that road. This should be the last unfair election in America!!! I also think America saw a very bias News Media. There was zero fair journalism! A lot of people do not mind this because their man won…but propaganda is what gave Germany Hitler! I am not calling Obama Hitler, but we did see propaganda!!! I think the media should be criticized for their behavior! Nearly half of America voted for John McCain. How can we (the ones who did vote for McCain) feel like this was a fair election when there was such a bias? I do not morn about what was done, I fear what the future brings if we allow this to happen again! I want fairness. Perhaps the black community felt they deserved this advantage. They have felt disadvantaged for so long. It is like we now have our affirmative action President. I never saw Obama as black, I just saw him as liberal. Believe me, I am pretty color blind. Clearly the reaction in the country proves that many people never thought they would see the day we would have a black President. On the one hand I am proud of America. Of course people of all colors can be President! Of course!!! Let me tell you a story. I was a campus pastor at San Diego State University. I never for one day felt I could not do what I was doing because I was a woman. It always caught me off guard when people questioned my right to be a pastor because I was a woman. It was just not in my mind. Of course I could do anything I put my mind to. That is just how I was taught. Then I went to a national leadership conference. I was caught up in a discussion about women in ministry. 4 or 5 other women pastors from the Midwest expressed how hard it was to get past the prejudice they felt from nearly everyone. I just could not identify with them. I never felt like that. I was past that! In my brain I am way past the black or white thing with Obama. I see him as a very smart and articulate man. I do not agree with him on many issues, especially abortion. Obviously many people in America still felt the prejudice of being black and thinking this just was not possible. If I am thankful about anything, I am thankful for that stupid barrier being torn down. In my mind I never saw the limits, I never felt the limits. But I am not black. I have 3 Asian kids living in a very white Germany. I try to raise my kids to be color blind. If they get criticized I want it to be for flaws in character, not skin color. I am happy for the healing I hope this brings to black people in America. It is about time we get past color and gender and start evaluating people on merit. But I wish Obama had run on merit alone and not rhetoric supported by money and the press. Does that make any sense? I know he never promoted himself as a black candidate but the media and the black community did. Clearly many people promoted him just because he is black. If he had stayed a Senator for 4 more years, if he had a record, if he had been a proven leader and then run...well you get my point! Martin Luther King Jr. said he dreamed of the day men would be evaluated by the content of their character not the color of their skin. I think John McCain was the one who was robbed. He was the one who had the record. He was the one who had the character. He deserved to be President. I am sure I am not the only one that thinks Obama got to cut the line. If only he took his turn and proved his worth, and played by the rules. Then I would feel OK about this election. He will be my President. I will pray for him. For the sake of my country I hope he does a good job. But I also hope that fairness is brought to the process so we do not let the media and money choose our next President!

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Jodi said...

AMEN on everything you wrote! I completely agree! We are going to all have to learn to live with the outcome - but I too feel that our media and outspoken celebs, not to mention over spending, slanted our country's vote! We can kick the dirt all we want, and it doesn't change a thing. I have had to explain this to my 13 year old (over and over again) who was very, very passionate about the election and very dissapointed!