Saturday, November 15, 2008

The land of opportunity

This morning at breakfast Thomas was talking about airplanes. From the first day we met him he has loved airplanes. He said he wants to be a fighter pilot. I asked him if he wants to be in the US or German Air force. He said American. I told him about the boot camp he would have to go through if he wanted to be in the US Military and that he also needs to speak better English. He couldn't believe he would have to do exercises to fly a jet! It's funny, but he wants to be American! OK, it's because of the cool airplanes, but still he wants to be American! Right now he is German only. I am waiting until Sarah has been with us for two years, then I'll do the paper work for Sarah, Philip and Thomas to become American. Maybe it really will be the land of opportunity for them?

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