Friday, November 07, 2008

about Sarah Palin

BTW: I think they are unfairly kicking Sarah Palin. I like her! I think she would have done fine as VP. I would not want her to be President. At least not yet. I personally like Governor Tim Pawlenty. I use to live in Minnesota. I like his dry humor! He is very smart and compassionate, conservative, pro life, and pro environment. He used the term Sam Club Republicans. He feels the Republicans need to reach a new generation. I agree. Maybe it will be Governor Tim Pawlenty in 2012? I think Sarah Palin would be wise to stay in Alaska! I believe she will always be popular but most people in America will never believe she is smart enough to be President. She knows Alaska and can continue to have good influence there! Tim Pawlenty is a lawyer. I almost think that is a requirement of people seeking higher office. Good or bad, that just seems to be how it is!

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