Sunday, November 09, 2008

the seeds of conviction

When I was a freshman at Oregon State University I took a debate class. We had to debate pro life vs. pro choice. Most of the class was pro choice and only a few of us stood on the side of life. I recall the "main" argument of the choice people. What if a woman just was in no position to raise the child? It was there I began embracing the concept of adoption. Back then (this was 1980) people thought it more cruel to "abandon" a child then to abort a child. I hope that attitude has changed a little. I hope it is more acceptable for a woman to raise a child alone, or to give that child up for adoption. This is the direction we must go in if we want to see an end to abortion. I gave many speeches on life as a student. I remember once I gave a speech against abortion and my professor (a 50 year old married man) began to cry. He told the class he made his wife abort their baby. They both thought they were too old for one more child. He went in to the doctor’s office with her. She was pretty far along. It was a partial-birth abortion. The doctor stuck scissors in the boy’s brain, and vacuumed out his brain. Then the boy was delivered. He saw his son’s dead body and he knew he had made the worst choice of his life. He killed his own son. Abortion does not just kill babies; it kills the soul of mothers and fathers. I do not blame the parents, I blame society. Society says babies are a bother. Society gives no other answers. We can not shame women that get pregnant (unplanned). We need to offer support and practical help. We have to be willing to adopt, or at least support adoption. We need to value life and not death. Do you really believe all life has worth? I do. My conviction is old and it has affected my whole life. I pray God heals the people who have chosen abortion, and blesses the women who have chosen adoption.

The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between.
Mother Teresa


Mother Teresa of Calcutta confronted President Clinton on his pro-abortion stand in early February (1993) at the National Prayer Breakfast. Then she took her pro-life message to the highest court in the land. Her lawyers filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court urging it to recognize the unborn child's inalienable right to life.

She urged the court to hear the case Alexander Loce vs. The State of New Jersey, which involves the issue of whether or not the unborn child is a human being entitled to 14th Amendment protection. Loce was convicted of trespassing for attempting to prevent his fiancé from having an abortion.

Mother Teresa's petition is a powerful witness in defense of life. It includes the following passage:
"America needs no words from me to see how your decision in Roe vs. Wade has deformed a great nation. The so-called right to abortion has pitted mothers against their children and women against men. It has sown violence and discord at the heart of the most intimate human relationships. It has aggravated the derogation of the father's role in an increasingly fatherless society. It has portrayed the greatest of gifts--a child--as a competitor, an intrusion and an inconvenience. It has nominally accorded mothers unfettered dominion over the dependent lives of their physically dependent sons and daughters. And, in granting this unconscionable power, it has exposed many women to unjust and selfish demands from their husbands or other sexual partners.

"Human rights are not a privilege conferred by government," she said. "They are every human being's entitlement by virtue of his humanity. The right to life does not depend, and must not be contingent, on the pleasure of anyone else, not even a parent or sovereign. The Constitutional Court of the Federal Republic of Germany recently ruled: 'The unborn child is entitled to its right to life independently of its acceptance by its mother; this is an elementary and inalienable right which emanates from the dignity of the human being.'

"Americans may feel justly proud that Germany in 1993 was able to recognize the sanctity of human life. You must weep that your own government, at present, seems blind to this truth."


Beverly said...

true true. Sad to see how far we have come only to know that obama will destroy it all with foca.

Meg said...

I like this post- it gives people back the power and stops blaiming government or worse allowing government to hold all of the cards- once again I say...Obama may vote for FOCA- but we are so much more than this- we need to educate- offer alternatives- support these women who are scared, alone and confused......we have more power together than a signature on a document- making abortion illegal would not end your nightmare- abortion WOULD STILL HAPPEN- so lets put our words into action- lets see some uniting among people who chose life and chose adoption.....give these women a different perspective! They may not know they DO HAVE A CHOICE and that there are people out there that will support them and adopt their baby!