Tuesday, September 06, 2011

We made progress in the yard

I had my "A" team working in the garden today. We added compost to the flower bed. Then they tilled the bed. Then we added a good covering of cardboard (using up moving boxes). Then we added the black weed blocking cloth. Now I need to buy some wood mulch to cover up the whole thing. It's a very large flower bed. In a few days we can start to move plants from the house in Leimen. It's going to be beautiful. The kids were so funny. I bought 6 large bags of compost to add to the bed (360 liters). They said it wasn't enough. I had to go get 6 more bags of compost...they wanted to do it right! They really are an "A" team! They work hard and smart. I'm so proud to have them on my side! And they are all getting an education in organic gardening. How cool is that?


caring for the garden said...

Good job, "A" Team. You really do make not only your mom, but the whole family proud.

Shelley said...

way to go many hands make light work

Dianna said...

awsome good going A team