Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good news

I'm feeling a little better today. Nicole and I are making some good progress with the boxes. I would say we are only about 2 weeks away from finishing. I guess everything takes longer then you think. We started to hang up pictures. We found keys for the bathroom cabinets (they lock). I could put most of the bathroom stuff away today. I finally got to sweep and mop the hallway upstairs. Until now it's had too many boxes on the floor. Nicole is sorting videos and DVD's and their covers. We have a locked cabinet for those videos because of Jessica. I have not found that key yet. But the DVD's and videos will be sorted when we find the key! The good news is there was a big scratch and dent on the van Juergen used to pick up the furniture. We thought he would have to pay a 250€ deductable on the damage. It turns out the damage was there before Juergen picked up the car. They just failed to tell him about it. So we don't need to pay any extra costs for my good furniture (Juergen loves it BTW). I'm praying for Sarah today. She was so excited about starting at a new school. She has had such a bad start. I pray she finds a best friend.

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