Friday, September 09, 2011

more of today

I took Sarah shopping. We got her a new mattress on sale. I also bought her a rug for her room. it's nice to play on a rug and not hardwood. I also got a cabinet for the Lego and books in the hallway. Thomas is putting that together now. We had so much in our shopping cart, I had to take 2 trips to the car.
Thomas and I had to go to his school to clean. The tuition is pretty low at his school. Parents are required to work 50 hours per year for the school. I couldn't do the hours last school year because of the move. But this year I have to try to fit it in. We worked 2 hours cleaning the art room, hallway and music room. So now I only owe them 48 hours. If I can not work, I have to pay for the time. I hope I can work half the hours, and pay half. It takes me so much time to drive there and back. I'm also paying for gas. It's hardly worth the effort. But it is good to be part of his school. And he is doing well there. I want to support it.

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