Friday, September 30, 2011

Steinbach's house

Last night Juergen went to Philip's parent teacher evening. He was talking with the school director who asked him where we lived. When he gave him the address the director said, "Oh, you live in Steinbach's house". It almost sounded like he knew Karl Steinbach personally. Maybe he did? He said the Steinbach's where 3 brothers. The fled Hungry after World War 2. They opened a cloth factory across the train tracks. It employed a large number of people in the area. People were very grateful for the jobs. But China basically took over the cloth industry. They eventually had to close the factory. He gave land to the city to build the schools. Steinbach is a Jewish name, but we don't know if He was Jewish? His brother lived in the Villa next door. They had a disabled child that died young. Maybe the director knows more, but that is all Juergen learned about the man who built our house. We looked at the house 4 years ago when it was first for sale. There was evidence the owner was a world traveler. The money for the sale of the house was going to the University of Heidelberg. We thought at the time the owner was an old professor. He had very fine taste. We were so surprised that the house was built in 1954, not 1900. It has a much “older” style. And the owner used very good materials on the house. He was not a poor man.

The photo is from 2007

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