Sunday, September 04, 2011

Finding a new normal

Juergen brought our super large TV home last night. It's not hooked up to cable or satellite. We are not sure if we will hook it up. But we all enjoyed watching a movie together. I bought Mulan (a live action Chinese drama) at the store yesterday. The kids were spellbound by the film. I think they love seeing so many Asian actors. There were only Asians in the film.
Today Juergen is at church with the kids. I'm home with Jessica. The only thing I miss about my TV is God TV. But I can get it on my computer, I just need to look for it. I shopped on eBay. I found sandbags for sale. I got 200 bags I want to use to build raised beds in my vegetable garden. There is a form of building called “earth sacks". You take plastic bags (like sand bags or rice sacks) and fill them with 90% earth or sand, and 10% cement. Then you stack them up to form a structure. In-between the rows you lay down bobbed wire. The bobbed wire holds the sacks in place. Then you can add plaster on the outside of the sacks (just for looks). 200 sacks should be enough for 5 to 10 raised garden beds, depending on how high I want the beds. We can add shells and mosaic pieces to the outside of these beds. They can be very artistic. I'm excited about getting far enough with the house that I can begin to think about the garden. I'm not finished with the house...but I hope to be in a few weeks. And then this fall I can begin with the garden structures.

I am not using the earthbags, but it's basically the same idea.

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