Thursday, September 29, 2011

be happy and getting normal

Nicole and I did some work on the office. I realize she will be going to school soon. I will be glad to get back into a routine, but I'm enjoying my days with her. Working on this house and Leimen is a little stressful, but not really. We just do everyday what we can. I'm not worried it won't get done (eventually). We have made enough progress to make thing comfortable. I think we will settle on Nov 12th as our house warming date. We made a big list of people to invite. If half of them come, it will be a pretty big party. I'm hoping the weather will be Ok. If so, we can have a big fire and roast marshmallows. I would also like to have a large tent for us all to sit and eat together. I want a program for the little kids in the afternoon. Maybe some face painting and a craft ...making a lantern. I want the teens to make a funny video together. Our house is perfect to stage a murder (in the video). I want our friends to bring their guitars for a jam session in the evening. We will of course set up the video games (in Thomas' room). Something for everyone. So hopefully we can get the invitations out this weekend.

Our handyman is hurt. Poor guy really hurt his back. I hope he can recover soon. He is a really great worker. But we now need to find another person to finish up many things around the house. As long as it gets done I'm cool with the delay. We also hope to finally move our plants from Leimen this weekend. God willing, we can get Leimen ready to be put on the market again. We are close! That is our chief focus right now. But the normal things like parent teacher meetings keep taking up our time. Philip, Thomas and Sarah all need to get signed up for music lessons and sports too. Thomas maybe starting soccer. I talk with the coach tonight. Philip wants to do judo. Sarah wants to do Judo too, but Philip isn't happy about that. Philip could get lessons in guitar once per week. I just need to see how I can manage the driving. After Nicole starts school, Jessica will need to ride with me. She isn't going to like that. I have to figure out a schedule that is somewhat realistic. That's why it's taking me time to add the after school program. But we will figure this out. It's all part of the new "normal".

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