Saturday, September 10, 2011

The new living room

Jessica had a ruff night. I was up with her until very late. Juergen took off for Nuremberg early (7am). I wasn't awake when he left. he forgot his cell phone. I have zero idea if he got there, and got the furniture. I guess he should be home soon. And I hope everything went well. I hope the 5 hour drive was relaxing for him. He doesn't get allot of time alone. And I'm hoping the furniture is nice, and that Juergen likes it. But if it's not nice I wouldn't be surprised if Juergen just tells the owner to keep it. Maybe that's why he left his phone?

Update: He got home with the furniture. It's very nice, just like it looked. It's got an Italian design. Perfect for our house. And it isn't a cheap set of furniture. it was very well built. I spent the last hour dusting and polishing it inside and out. When I unpack my stuff I'll take some pictures. It's missing the glass shelves in 2 of the cabinets. We need to have those built (cut) for us. The chairs and sofa are beautiful too. It's all in super shape. I hope we don't ruin it too fast! Juergen took the van to our old house to pick up some of the things that got left behind. Mostly garden stuff. The kids and I started to plant our flower bed today. We put many flowers in the boarder, but need many more. It's really very large. I also have a really awful head cold. Juergen just got back, I have to help unload the van.

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