Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Today we moved some cabinets around in the basement. Juergen got a very big cabinet in his workshop room/tool room. Thomas built an IKEA cabinet for Nicole’s art room. We helped Philip put his stuff away. I bought 35 plastic boxes for the kids. They will put art stuff and Lego etc in these handy boxes. And little by little we are making progress. The cardboard moving boxes are getting empty. We are finding the floor.

It rained very hard today. The cardboard we put on the flower bed got a good soaking. That's a good thing. I need to find a cheap source for mulch. We put over 300 liters of mulch on the flower bed yesterday. That is really only 1/4th the amount we need. I would rather put a stone mulch down, but Juergen wants wood. So we will go with the wood for now.

Jessica has a birthday tomorrow. She will be 20 years old. Juergen and I are going to try to finish her TV room as a gift. We have to finish the floor, build the cabinets, move in a big chair and hang up pictures and curtains. We will work on it tonight and tomorrow night. I may also take Jessica shopping and let her buy a gift. She always loves to do that. But I'll wait until next week when the other kids are in school. She will also get her favorite foods. I love my girl! I wish I could do more for her. She basically just wants her peace. But we will try to make it a good day for her.

Thomas got his Lego robot in the mail yesterday. He loves it! He was up early today programming it. It really was the hit!

Juergen also needs to rent a van for this weekend. He will travel to Nuremburg to pick up the living room furniture I won on eBay. I hope it's nice! I never asked him if I could bid on the furniture, I just did it. I made a low bid. I was very surprised to win the bid. But I should not have made the bid without asking first. The furniture was cheep, but it's allot of trouble to pick it up! So I really hope it's nice. You all know I owe Juergen big time!!! I told Juergen he could give me the furniture for my birthday gift. My 50th birthday is next month. But the truth is Juergen is the best gift God ever gave me. I really hope the furniture is nice!


Rick Moreno said...

I wish you a very blessed day because you are such a blessing to all of us. Happy Birthday tomorrow. Love Uncle Rick and family :)

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday Jessica I hope you have a wonderful day