Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seeing what is around me

I walked Sarah to the school bus today. She rides on a giant bus. I guess that's what the school has. I'm sure they don't fill the bus! But I saw Sarah's new best friend. She is a pretty blond girl named Michelle. So sweet! Thank God she has a good friend! As we were walking to the bus I noticed all the beautiful plants in the area. And I also saw a very cool gate. It looked Asian. I'll have to take a picture of it when I find my camera. I liked the gate so much, I'm wondering if we couldn't build some gates like it? I'll probably go back to Leimen to keep working on the old house. We need to paint the boy's old bedroom. It's a mess! They used markers on the walls. It might be easier to just wallpaper over it? I took a look at the other houses on the market. There are nicer houses for the same price, but they are not located so well. The few houses for sale in our area are not as nice, or cost much more. But I start to get afraid when I see what is out there. When I think of the house we have moved to, I just have to believe God's hand is in this. And that means He will not fail to meet all our needs. So I will keep doing all I can to clean and renovate the house in Leimen. It is a nice house for a fair price. I hope there will be one buyer who is blessed in Leimen! It can be the answer to one families prayers.

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Shelley said...

It's a buyers market right now.