Thursday, September 15, 2011

The garden

I needed to go to Heidelberg this morning to buy some more cork for Jessica’s floor. I also picked up a few more plants for our flower bed. It's hard to imagine how good this bed will look in a few years. Perennials’ take a few years to grow. I think it's going to be lovely. I was at our house in Leimen. I really need to get over there and do some work so we can sell the place. Jessica doesn't want to go to Leimen anymore. This is a bit of a problem. Maybe Juergen will have to take care of Jessica a few evenings while Nicole and I clean the old house. We need to put it back on the market. I wish I could just move on...but there is this major loose end to deal with. I've basically forgotten about the old house and focused on the new one. But I need to finish what needs to be done in Leimen. I've had my break...but I need to deal with Leimen.

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