Sunday, September 25, 2011

A dream

Do you ever have dreams? I had a dream this morning. It was very clear. I woke up to it. I'm still trying to figure out the meaning. There were 4 sisters. All young women in their 20's. Each one beautiful, talented, smart and gifted. They were also Jewish. It was early in the war, in Germany. They lived in Bad Schönborn and they needed to get out of the country. The one sister was the most beautiful, gifted and talented of the 4. She decided to rely on herself. She tried to get out of Germany but got caught. I can only guess she was killed. It was very sad. I can see her. She had long black hair. she looked allot like Amy Winehouse. So tragic. The other 3 trusted a loyal friend. He was a postman. He delivered packages in a big truck. They waited in the restroom of a gas station. The delivery man parked his truck next to the restroom. They got in the truck when he went in the station to drop off packages. He drove them to France. They took a plane to safety. They left with nothing but their lives. That was my dream. It made me think of the family that built our house. They were Jewish. They built the house 5 years after the war. How did they get through the war? Where did they go? Why did they come back? Across the street from our house is a train station. I know they gathered all the Jewish people in the area and shipped them to concentration camps from the station across the street. I think about how nice our house is. But it doesn't matter what you have, how beautiful or rich you are. It can all be taken away from you. And when you want to get to heaven, you can not rely on your own ability. You need the help of a friend named Jesus. He is the only way to escape death. But you can trust him.

( I copied all this info off the internet)
This memorial commemorates the deportation, on 22 October 1940, of the Jewish residents of Bad Schönborn, Langenbrücken and Mingolsheim to Gurs concentration camp. From here, they were deported to the extermination camps

•Up to 1878 burial of Jews from Bad Mingolsheim took place in the communities cemetery of Obergrombach .
•There is a memorial in the cemetery honoring the Jews from this community who were murdered during the Nazi regime 1933 - 1945.

There is a CEMETERY for Jews : Konradin-Kreutzer-Strasse (in Östringen 76684). It was in use from 1878 to 1939. There are 154 graves there.

Karl Steinbach built our house. He was buried in Bad Schönborn, not in the Jewish cemetery. He lived here from the 1950’s. And his family is not in the cemetery. Maybe they are not from here? I’ve heard he was rich. He gave the land to Bad Schönborn for the schools. I’ve seen his grave in the local cemetery. He was a rich man. Our house was built as an Italian Villa. It was well built with very fine material and fine architecture. I wish I knew more about this family.

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