Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tomato seeds, Berlin and my farm house

I won the bid on 16 different varieties of heirloom tomatoes on eBay. I’m already thinking about starting my plants in another 6 weeks. I guess all I can do is plan to be where I am right now. I’d love a big garden, but I’m thinking that will not happen for me this growing season. Even if we do manage to buy the farm house in Bad Schönborn, I’ll need to concentrate on renovating the house. The garden will have to wait. So I’ll start my tomato seeds at the beginning of March. I’m looking around for other seeds to invest in. This year I think I’ll try a variety of peppers. I use them allot in cooking. You should grow plants you enjoy eating.
Jessica’s class is planning a trip to Berlin in May. I’ve never been to Berlin. It should be fun for her. We found out that she can not go to the autism house in Sandhausen if we move to Bad Schönborn. That’s not good. But we also found out she does not have the funding to go there yet, and they are having trouble securing that funding. We also found out the director of the house quit, and they don’t even have a director now. So I’m not really sure what to do or think. The autism house may not really be an open door for Jessica and maybe something good is available for her in the other school district. I guess we just need to look. I know God has a plan that is perfect. I’m going to just wait until it is clear what’s really right.

Here is my garden last July

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