Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The new school

Thomas tried his new school today. He goes there 2 more days and then we will decide. Juergen took him there and I picked him up. First of all, it's a private Christian school. It's one of the only Christian schools in our area. All the teachers really believe in God, they pray with the kids and teach from a Christian world view. The school is small, and there are only 20 kids in the class. There are close to 30 kids per class in his present school. I actually like his present school, I just don't like the values of his classmates. All his friends are allowed to play video games we don't allow, watch movies we don't allow, and carry cell phones loaded with pornography. The Christian school has very strong rules about cell phones and the parents share our ideas on certain video games, Internet , music and movies. Thomas for example was excited about getting Lego for Christmas. He told his friends at school and they called him a baby. Lego is so uncool! He would love to have good friends that do the same stuff he does, but right now the kids in his school just call him a baby...uncool. Maybe it will be better at the Christan school. He made a friend first thing. He seemed cautiously happy. I guess I'm cautiously happy too. I feel strongly about living our faith in a real world. But Thomas was adopted when he was 7 years old. He already has trouble feeling like he belongs. Philip goes to an awful school, but he manages to hang out with the "good" kids and he influences them more then they influence him. Thomas feels like he either hangs out with friends that are always doing what we don't allow, or be alone. He spends too much time alone. He needs good friends! Most of all I pray he finds good friends! So we will let you know if he decides to change schools. I'm pretty sure he will.

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