Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 years ago today

10 years ago today Jessica, Nicole, Juergen and I sat in a hot waiting room in Bangkok. Then a small and scared 2 year old boy walked into our lives...our son Philip.

the 2nd child in the line is Thomas

It must have been so scary for him to meet these people they said would be his family. We obviously didn't look a thing like him, and we couldn't even speak his language. But here we were, and poor Philip looked like he would cry. They didn't let us take him right away. Instead we just visited with him. The nanny was pushy. She tried to make him say Mom and Dad. I tried to make him laugh. It worked! We were building blocks. All the kids were trying hard not to cause the blocks to fall. I built a high tower, then knocked them down in a somewhat dramatic way. I said "Uh Oh"! Then I laughed. Philip laughed too, and he did the same thing. Then Juergen played football with him. He relaxed. And the thing that really helped us was the other kids. Dozens of other kids clung to us. They all wanted a mom and dad. Philip began saying "mine".

And when he left that orphanage, he never wanted to look back. He is still knocking down towers and making us laugh. I praise God we took the steps to find him and bring him home. I could never imagine life with out him! Adoption is such a great gift. Sure he is a handful...but what preteen isn't? He makes me so proud! You think we blessed him, but he transformed us. At the time I was so depressed about Jessica's autism. Philip gave me so much. He taught me I still had the power to change the whole world. Autism tried to take that way from me but adoption gave it back. I learned just how much power I really do have when Philip walked into my life.

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Rick Moreno said...

Thanks for sharing your son with us. He still blesses me too. :)