Saturday, January 29, 2011

So nice but

We saw farm house number 2 in Bad Schönborn. It was in great shape. I think they did a wonderful job renovating this place. It has an awesome garden. A family of 4 or 5 would love this place. We just happen to be a family of 7 (and I want an office and guest room too). It would be too small for us. We could add some rooms to the place, but that would cost a chunk of change. So sad! I just love the garden, and the location! I still think my first farm house is the best thing I've seen. I took Juergen around to see the out side of houses on the market. There is a really cool house built in 1922 that is rather large. It has a low price, bigger yard (not super big but big enough) and enough space. I do not care much for the location. It's on a busy street, next to the train line. It's loud. Personally I hate the location! Love the house, love the yard, hate the location! You know the saying "location, location, location"! Sadly you can not change that! I love the quite garden in my farm house. I love the charming street. I love everything but the idea of major renovation! Juergen is thinking we will find the perfect thing, in the perfect size, in the perfect place. I say sure we will but it will cost us more then we can pay. After all, we aren't the only ones looking for that "perfect" house! I'm sure it's a price!

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